Tackle the myth

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The Trust is a partner in the Safer and Stronger Communities Partnership, which launched a myth busting campaign about migrant workers during January 2008. The Safer & Stronger Communities Partnership is made up of a wide range of public, private and voluntary agencies and works to make communities in Telford & Wrekin safer and stronger.

The Partnership works to reduce crime, anti social behaviour, substance misuse, domestic violence and the fear of crime in Telford and Wrekin. However, community safety means more than just reducing or preventing crime. It is about equipping communities with the skills and support to grow socially and economically. By doing so, communities become stronger and safer, and crime and disorder decreases.

Partner agencies include The Wrekin Housing Trust, Telford & Wrekin Council, West Mercia Constabulary, Telford & Wrekin NHS PCT, Shropshire Fire & Rescue Service, West Mercia Probation Service, Telford Magistrates Court, Telford & Wrekin YOS, Victim Support, and Telford Race Equality & Diversity Partnership.

The aims of the myth busting campaign are to highlight to communities the inaccurate and misleading myths, rumours and misconceptions that exist about migrant workers from Central and Eastern Europe. 

The campaign also aims to reveal the truth that migrant workers actually play a positive role in bringing new skills and cultural benefits to the borough.

The campaign focuses in particular at myths and misconceptions that exist that can result in incidents such as recently racially motivated graffiti and violent attacks.

The campaign's posters will address some of the most commonly held misconceptions about migrant workers and will be displayed across the borough in a variety of locations.

The posters and more information can also be downloaded from a new website www.tacklethemyth.com.