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The Trust recognises that for some people the standard way that our services are delivered may not meet individual needs and this can be due to a range of events that have made a person vulnerable in some way, either on a permanent of temporary basis.

Therefore we have in place a Services to Vulnerable People policy. This policy is designed to provide a framework whereby services can be tailored to meet the individual needs of vulnerable people.

Vulnerable People are those who find it harder to maintain independent living without some level of support or additional consideration.

It is an ongoing process for us to identify people with vulnerabilities, we have recently introduced our HomeCheck scheme to enable us to identify vulnerable people on an ongoing basis. Through HomeCheck we intend to make personal contact with every tenant at least once a year at their property, to make sure that the person is coping with the tenancy and the property is in a safe and suitable condition for someone to live in.

When we are aware that an individual is vulnerable we will work with the person concerned to endeavour to provide our services in a way that supports that individual and  and contributes towards them living independently in their homes and where possible improving their quality of life. This may be done by providing a service directly to the individual or helping them to access services from a third party.

We will record this information treating it as sensitive personal information and only use it for the purpose that it was collected, which is to amend our delivery of services to reflect an individuals needs.