Tenant Auditors

Be a Tenant Auditor at the Trust!

What is involved?
You can look into a service delivered by the Trust  and give us your opinion from the information provided.

Your views are highly important to the Trust as it helps us improve services.

A Tenant auditor gets to look behind the scenes , seeing exactly what happens and suggesting improvements if they're needed.

What the Trust will do:
The Trust will provide you with the relevant training to give you the confidence and skills required.

We will cover the cost of transport to and from the meetings  or to attend any training.

The Trust believes that working in partnership with customers is the best way of making sure that we deliver services that residents want and value.

If you'd like to get involved, please get in touch! Email getinvolved@wrekinhousingtrust.org.uk or call Dave Lewis on 01952 217181.