Customer Assurance Panel

The Trust's Customer Assurance Panel

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What is the Customer Assurance Panel?
The Customer Assurance Panel is made up of tenants of the Trust and designed to review its performance against the National and Local Standards. This is important work to assure the Homes and Community Agency that the organisation is doing what we say.

What is involved?
You will be required to look at the standards and scrutinise the Trust on delivery against those standards. Not only will you identify where we are or are not meeting the standards you get the opportunity to gauge how well we do something and what could be improved.

You will get the opportunity to meet Trust staff to investigate the services meticulously.

What the Trust will do:
The Trust will provide you with the relevant training to give you the confidence and skills required.

We will cover the cost of transport to and from the meetings  or to attend any training.

If you'd like to get involved, please get in touch! Email or call Dave Lewis on 01952 217181