Information about your condensing boiler

Condensing boilers incorporate pipes which have a tendency to freeze during severe weather.

To help prevent this from happening, we've installed 'boiler buoys' or 'trace heaters' in homes where these boilers are installed. We've prepared some tips on how to get the best from them.

Boiler buoys

  • While the weather is freezing, if you have had a boiler buoy installed onto your boiler, please ensure that the tap is switched to the 'on' position. This will stop the condensate pipe freezing up over the cold spell. Check the container regularly as it will fill up with water and need to be emptied.
  • If at any time your boiler stops working, ensure that the tap on the boiler buoy is turned to the 'on' position and try to reset the boiler. If it still does not work once you have reset the boiler, please call the repairs line on 01952 217217.
  • Remember to turn the boiler buoy tap to the 'off' position when the weather gets better. 

You can watch our videos about boiler buoys and trace heaters on our cold weather page here.