Central Tenants' Panel

Tenants' Panel at the Trust

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What is the Tenants' Panel?
The Central Tenants' Panel is made up of residents elected from the wider tenant body to represent all tenants. The panel influences policies, strategies and service delivery, by working with the Trust to improve services from the start.

What is involved?
You will need to read policies and procedures prior to a meeting, so you can give your opinion before they go live.

You will be given the opportunity to  influence the policies and procedures, work with the Trust to improve service delivery, Speak on behalf of tenants and build a stronger relationship between the Trust and its customers.

What the Trust will do:
We will keep you up-to-date with issues affecting the Trust and today's housing environment.

The Trust will provide you with the relevant training to give you the confidence and skills required.

We will cover the cost of transport to and from the meetings or to attend any training.

To find out more about getting involved and making a difference, please call Sue Lane, Chair of the Tenants' Panel on 01952 217201 or email