If you feel your home is no longer suitable, you have the right to swap your home with another Group tenant, or a tenant from any other housing association or council in the UK. You'll need the written permission of both landlords before the exchange can go ahead.

How do I find someone else who wants to exchange?

The Group is in partnership with Homeswapper, who has the UK's biggest list of members all wanting to swap homes. This means there are thousands of possible swaps waiting for you all over the UK, and they have already helped over 18,000 tenants move home. To register with Homeswapper visit the Homeswapper web site

Can I go for any property?

No, you will need to take into consideration the following factors:

  • Whether you will be affected by the Government's bedroom tax.
  • Whether the move to the new premises will give you and your family enough space, that so you won't be overcrowded.
  • If your current home has been specially adapted for your needs please make sure your new home will be suitable for your personal requirements.
  • If the home that you are moving into has been adapted you will need to provide evidence that you require these adaptations.

I've found a property, what's next?

If both parties are seriously considering a Mutual Exchange, please call into your local Group shop or phone on 01952 217100 (please see accessible services for the location of Group shops). You will receive an information pack along with an application form.

Mutual Exchange – tenants' responsibilities:

  • It is your responsibility to ensure the property and location is suitable for your needs.
  • You will be accepting the property in the condition that you find it
  • You will be liable for the cost of any repairs that become apparent after the exchange (from the property you moved out of), as these would have been your responsibility under the tenancy agreement.
  • The garden and fencing will be your responsibility
  • Non-standard items will be your responsibility, the Group will not repair or replace these items

Can I be refused permission?

You will be refused permission if:

  • Either tenant has an assured shorthold, starter, introductory or demoted tenancy.
  • Either tenant is under Notice of Seeking Possession or legal proceedings have begun following Notice.
  • Either property is specifically designed or adapted to help a disabled person or has other special features or the new tenant does not need this assistance.
  • Either property is too large or small for either tenant.
  • There is evidence that the mutual exchange is not genuine.
  • Either tenant has outstanding debts to the landlord.

Will I lose my tenancy type?

Tenants who have a Preserved Right-to-Buy at the time of the transfer will carry that right with them once exchanged to another qualifying Group property.

Last Updated : 04 November 2019
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