Types of Tenancies

What are the different types of tenancies and what do they mean?

Assured tenancy – All tenants of the Group who have an assured tenancy will retain their tenancy status, other than in the event of the Group being granted a Demotion Order by the Court for a breach of tenancy. Existing tenants will retain their assured tenancy in the event that they transfer to another Group property.

Introductory tenancy – All first social rent and affordable rent tenancies will be let on a weekly periodic assured shorthold starter tenancy basis, which is reviewed at 12 months.

Five year fixed term tenancy – Where the starter tenancy has been successful and there are no risks associated with the tenancy then a five year fixed term tenancy will be granted.

Two year fixed term tenancy – The tenancy will be reviewed before the end of the term and a decision made as to whether to grant a further two year fixed term tenancy, five year fixed term tenancy or to terminate the tenancy.

Adapted properties – Adapted properties will be treated the same as non-adapted properties. The length of the term of the tenancy offered will be dependent on the needs of the successful applicant.

Rent to buy properties – All tenants of rent to buy properties will be offered a five year fixed term tenancy on successful completion of their starter tenancy.

Last Updated : 04 November 2019
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