Moving into your new home

What do I need to do now I’ve got keys to my new Trust home?

Gas and electric supplies

You will need to register with the existing energy supplier for your property, but you can switch to another supplier if you wish. During sign-up for your new property you will be given the details of the energy provider. Remember to take final meter readings from the property you’re moving out of, and also the property you’re moving into, so that you don’t pay for any gas or electric used by the previous or next tenants.

One of several different types of meter may be installed. You can ask your energy supplier to change your meter but they will probably charge you to do so.

Central heating

We are responsible for making sure that your central heating works. We test the system and show you how to use it before, or on the day, you move in. You can call our Gas team on 01952 217259 to arrange this. We will then carry out a central heating service inspection every year and it is very important that you let us into your home to do this.

Please ensure you have credit on your pre-payment meter to allow for the gas safety test.


To register with Severn Trent Water you should telephone 0845 7500 500.

Finding out where things are

You’ll need to know where things are in your home, such as your fuse box and trip switch, gas tap, boiler, water stop tap and water tank. We’ll help you with these either when you sign up or when we visit you after you move in.

Gas Tap

Gas Tap

Fuse Box

Fuse Box;

Trip Switch

Trip Switch

Remember to keep a torch and candles handy in case of a power cut.

Settling in

You should tell all the relevant people and agencies that your address has changed, including your doctor, dentist, bank and credit card companies, your children’s schools, the Job Centre or Department for Work and Pensions, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency and the Council Tax and Housing Benefit sections of the council.

For a charge the Post Office will redirect your mail for a certain period.

Helping with moving costs or furniture

We don’t provide money to help with the cost of your move or furniture, but if you do need financial help, you should contact the Money Matters Team by phoning 01952 217234. A community furniture recycling scheme can help with low-cost furniture. Please refer to furniture schemes under Donate, Reuse and Recycle.

Last Updated : 08 January 2016
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