Management charge and communal repairs review FAQs

Management charge and communal repairs review

How will I be informed if there are any changes?
Following the outcome of the reviews of management charges and communal repairs, the Trust will write out to you if there are any proposed changes.

Why can't you provide any more information now?
We are currently gathering all of the information to review these services until we have completed the reviews we are not able to advise you if there will be any changes or outcomes.

When will you be able to provide further information?
The Trust is aiming to write out to leaseholders late January or early February to advise leaseholders if there are any changes that will affect them and how.

How do I make comments about this or contact the Trust?
You can send any comments or questions to this email address:

Please ensure any comments are sent in by Wednesday 27th January 2016.

We will then collate any general comments or questions and distribute these to all leaseholders.

Last Updated : 19 January 2016
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