Concept bungalow installed and ready for occupation in a day.

31 August 2016

The concept bungalow, pictured below, has been delivered to site and lifted into position by a crane. The fully fitted out home, even down to arriving with TV’s on the wall, was installed and made ready for occupation within a day at our Head Office in Telford.

Bungalow arrives

The fully completed two bedroomed concept bungalow, manufactured by Willerby’s Special Projects, was delivered to site, lifted into place by crane and installed in three hours. By the evening it was ready for occupation and Trust tenant and Board member Laura Hilditch, together with member of staff, Morag Bailey, were the first to try out the smart new bungalow, staying over for two nights. Laura said “The bungalow had such a light and airy feel, it was really well fitted out and a pleasure to stay in.”

Bungalow in the morning with Morag and Laura
Laura with a cup of tea in bed

The Trust’s staff, Board members and tenants are being asked for their views on the bungalow, which we are thinking about installing on various brownfield infill sites we own. The concept bungalow could provide the additional much needed affordable rented homes needed across Shropshire, at the low rents people can afford.

We are inviting other Housing Associations and Local Authorities who are interested in exploring the economies of scale in procuring and providing these homes, to meet the ever increasing need for affordable housing, to come along and view the concept bungalow – please contact Andrea Martin on 01952 217133.

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