7 days and 7 ways to help you with debt this January

21 January 2016

January's the main time of year that people realise that they're struggling to afford their day-to-day spending, especially after the costs of Christmas. January is also a time for new starts, and for setting resolutions to deal with any problems or money worries you may have.

Step Change's week of bite-size email support and advice could make a life-changing difference. You can sign up to their daily emails here; their programme can help you identify the financial challenges you face, but more importantly it'll enable you to confront your debt with confidence.

This January, Step Change are encouraging people worried about money to take their test to find out whether they have a debt problem. On average, 50% of people in debt wait for a year before seeking help. A huge 90% of people felt reassured after speaking to Step Change about their debt.

If you're having problems with your money, benefits or budgeting it's important that you try to tackle them. Problems with rent, council tax, credit cards and other bills won't go away unless you take action.

Deb Morrison, Financial Inclusion Manager for the Trust, says: "We're hoping that Step Change will help people to recognise the danger signs of a debt problem, and start talking about their debt sooner. Our Money Matters team can help by offering budgeting advice, and help with benefits. If we can help – we will. If not, we'll put you in touch with someone who can."

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